Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gandolf the Gay

Job stuff is pretty nutty right now. Heavy workload, lots of software bugs and not much time. Thanks to the Atelier experience, just the way i like it >:D

I did a quick speed painting over an old SketchUp model last night. kind of a play on an urban lord of the rings- a young hipster Gandolf ("Gands") fights a subway demon. "Dude- you're totally not passing."

Spent like an hour, hour and a half on it. Just messing around.

I do these ALL the time. Its just a five minute doodle to work out posing. I don't concern myself with anything beyond the gesture of the figure and how to emphasize it via clothing drapery. I use them to avoid senseless noodling in the original image and generally don't save them. Kinda fun. Very loose. Just like your mom.

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