Friday, July 2, 2010


Well, my time at the school here in San Francisco is tentatively over. I'll know in the next few days, but I have little confidence in those who have the majority of control in the situation-- obviously not talking about Carl Dobsky or Massive Black on that.

So, I'm spending July starting over from scratch. I think I've honed my current methods as far as they need honing and now its time to begin anew and skew that knowledge in favor of what I know to be more effective. I've set deadlines and put multiple personal projects into development. This time next month, I hope to be an entirely new artist.

Here are a couple speed paints to get the general tone of the setting for my next illustration, and one failure of an attempt at speed painting straight from the head. Onward ;p

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  1. experimaentation in a being an asshole! real nice sketches man.