Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy, busy, busy. My first cast drawing (90 hours) and some digital stuff.


  1. Hey, I'm liking this new artwork. What's the Nephilim stuff? Is it art for a bigger project?

  2. thank ya.

    it is indeed art for a much bigger project. i'll gladly explain it to you, but not over the interwebs, since people are evil. i think you'll like it- it's based on the biblical myths of the nephilim. we should chat on the horn sometime soon.

  3. joshhhh! sweet work man! Ill be watching O_O

    <---dawn from the workshop btw :]

  4. Hi!
    Your casts are really well rendered, but isn't 90 hrs just too much? I mean it's like a month if you draw 2 hrs a day! is it really necessary to work to a such extent? O_o